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USA-Canada receptive tour operator

Welcome to the Toundra Group website, receptive leader tour operator USA-Canada.

This site is dedicated to travel professionals helping you build “à la Carte” trips into the North America Territory Founded in 1998, Toundra Voyages is now the leading Canadian receptive adventure agency either for individuals or groups. Toundra has a flexible and responsive structure, offering impeccable services and attractive custom-built products.

Covered territories
- USA : mainly West US, Vegas, New-York, Floride, Maine, Boston, Alaska, Hawaï, as all the other states
- Canada : mainly Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Atlantics, Far North, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Newfoundland

Toundra offices
- USA : Our office in Santa Rosa California covers Western USA, Southern USA, Hawaii, and Alaska
- Canada: Our Rockies office, in Canmore Alberta, covers the Rockies, Pacific Coast, Yukon and the North West territories.
- Our Quebec office, in charming Montreal, covers eastern USA and Florida, eastern Canada, the Nunavut Territory

Mythical discovery, the « spirit bear » British Columbia - Accessible by plane only

The Tsimshian first nation of northern British Columbia believed that the Kermode bear, a very rare black bear in a white coat, was inhabited by a spirit of a terrible power. Discover it, experiencing the luxury of a floating lodge accommodation on the waters surrounding Princess Royal Island or sailing around the islands on complex waterways in the heart of majestic mountains.

Sustainable tourism with the Attikamekws first nation in Manawan

Live great experiences and adventures as well as cultural exchanges in breathtaking scenery. Easily accessible from Montreal, 3 hours by road followed by a 30 minute boat ride or hydroplane ride to the typical first nation bush camp. Accommodation in Teepees

Western Canada’s great open landscapes

Family fly and drive adventure packages in Western Canada, spiced up with great activities. Discover the most beautiful panoramas of the Canadian Rockies mixing high-end accommodations with camping, or cottage rental in Jasper for a few days. Explore Yoho National Park, admire Maligne Lake, and travel the Icefield parkway. All our itineraries are “à la carte” to suit your needs and dreams.

Permit number 800 383,
400, Atlantic # 506, Montreal, Outremont, (Québec), H2V 1A5, Canada
109 Boulevard Crescent – Canmore – Alberta, Canada – T1W 1L4
T (1) 514 523-8731 - F (1) 514 523-9030